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Competent, Ethical, Empathetic and Focused. These capture the whole essence of our role at CIIA in the financial intermediation process, representing the provider of capital’s interests, especially in the retail end of the market, for their ultimate benefits. For professionals desirous of living comfortably for this purpose, and daily by these same characteristics, a brilliant career appears assured for you through our membership today.

Founded on the principles of fiducial responsibility, the CIIA is the rallying point for the propagation of this essence of capital formation through stress-free, long-term savings, including the pension funds, and other financial inclusion mechanisms at every possible stratum within the local economy and beyond. By this, and with zero tolerance for any form of agency issues or member-infractions, the CIIA’s primary bid is to provide protection for investors and in the same process help its members navigate the terrains of the money management business on the highest standards of stewardship to their clients as they approach and stay in the financial markets. The financial markets thrive primarily on TRUST, and the CIIA is dedicated to providing and strengthening this through its activities directly and jointly with its members, to the public at large.

Membership benefits at CIIA come in different forms, from astute career development opportunities, to global recognition in advocacy and nation building. These in specific areas include:

  1. Access to International Collaborations and Exchange Programmes in Capacity building;
  2. Industry News Updates;
  3. Members/Representatives Accreditations;
  4. Market Feedbacks and Monitoring;
  5. Practice Standards, Ethics and Compliance;
  6. Administrative Controls for Investor Protection;
  7. High-powered Advocacy Priorities in the area of Investments and;
  8. A host of other practice development tools and other detailed value propositions to be unveiled in the near future.

Perhaps helping people to attain their financial goals and overall success has been a dream career to you, the CIIA is where you should be. Learn the membership requirements here and prepare for an exciting career journey into the financial world.

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