About us


CIIA was duly registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission “SEC” on the 20th of April 2018 as the  recognized Trade Group for all registered Corporate and Individual Investment Advisers in the Nigerian Capital Market.The body is also responsible for maintaining professionalism and discipline within its rank and file through the administration of its Practice Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct for all its members. This development is coming on the heels of the commitment of the Commission to working closely with, and through Industry Trade Groups as representatives of market operators in their respective areas of specialization in order to ensure overall market probity and to uphold investor trust.


The CIIA initiative was first conceived after the last global financial crisis, and in line with the global movement to strengthen investor confidence through the sanitisation of the practice of investment recommendations and decision making on behalf of investors. The initiative was sponsored in Nigeria by the ASSOCIATION OF INVESTMENT ADVISERS & PORTFOLIO MANAGERS, IAPM, a 37-year old body founded by some of Nigeria’s earliest and foremost investment industry giants which has for the past 37 years been at the forefront of industry development and investor protection through capacity building and advocacy initiatives.


The primary objective of CIIA is the elevation of the quality and profile of the investment advisory industry, institutionalisation of the highest standards of professional practice, elimination of conflicts and agency abuses in the market and investor protection in general. CIIA will adopt ethical norms to guide professional services in compliance with the age-old principle of professionals serving the best interest of their clients – Investors in this case. These will ultimately restore the confidence of investors and create a viable and healthy industry for all professional investment advisers.

In concise terms however, the CIIA will:

  1. Promote professionalism, high ethical standards and competence in the  investment advisory profession;
  2. Champion the cause of advocacy at the highest policy levels of governance in the matters of investment practice in Nigeria;
  3. Provide a platform for the development of the Nigerian investment advisory industry through the adoption of tested global standard value additions;
  4. Represent and self-regulate all SEC registered investment advisers through structured practice requirements with a view to maintaining market integrity;
  5. Collaborate with government, other professional bodies, and accredited  international institutions to develop a well-rounded investment advisory practice and;
  6. Become a strong bulwark and reference point for investor protection in Nigeria;

In driving the foregoing core objectives, CIIA as a trade group will drive the ideology of fiducial responsibility to the client-investor, by launching the four (4) pillars of its “STEP” initiative. By this, CIIA will, in the not-too-distant future, lead registered investment advisers to the achievement of the following key principles:

1. Standardization of the investment advisory procedure and client reporting;
2. Transparency in investment actions;
3. Elimination of conflicted investment recommendations and;
4. Professionalism in investment analysis.